Picture Frame Questions

Is there anything uniquely special about a PictureFrame’s properties in wireframe display, compared to applying a colour map to a rectangular surface in Properties>Textures?

I’d like to be able to control the PictureFrame’s x and y dims, but the dialogue doesn’t allow me to do this. Point editing or Scale1D the picture frame after creation results in the image disappearing when printed (though it still displays in wireframe view, which is a little misleading), so that is no go. However, if I create a rectangular surface of the correct x & y dims then apply a texture to it, that doesn’t show in wireframe view. For all other aspects of the drawings I’m producing, wireframe is the display option of choice (these are technical drawings with localised ‘decals’ applied).

Hi Matt- SetObjectDisplayMode to Rendered… does that do it?


It does, but point editing or trimming/scaling it results in a no-show in print preview, just as it does for PictureFrame. It’s interesting to note that this route doesn’t show a black outline for the surface (which is good in my case) where PictureFrame does.

Is there a control or button for SetObjectDisplayMode anywhere?

Changed to using rectangular surface with texture applied to ‘Colour’. It’s OK, but any transformation of the surface other than move, mirror or rotate results in a no-show for the image when it’s printed. I can’t even use Scale2D on it, which makes things very time consuming to set up. Is there any other way to map a decal to a rectangular surface such that it will still print when it’s scaled?

Hi Matt- it does look like vector printing loses the bitmap on modified picture frames- raster sees it. Hmm, I’ll see what I can find out about that, looks buggy to me off hand.



@pascal - this is more buggy than I first thought. I’ve just come back to a file that’s littered with small surfaces with texture applied. Some that printed fine a couple of days ago are no longer showing. I’m trying to figure out what’s causing this, but up to now haven’t found anything repeatable. Copying the original texture-applied surface to the new locations fixes things, but this is extremely time consuming (there are 100+ differently mapped surfaces, each copied many times, spread out over a very large working area).

Matt can you send me one, or some, of these surfaces and the maps?