Picture frame problems: aerial not scaling in layout space, boarder not disappearing, and funky formatting

I carefully placed an aerial underneath my contour lines model space, only to find that the aerial somehow scaled itself in layout space.I haven’t had any problems before, so I’m wondering if there’s a bug or if the settings have somehow changed on me unintentionally.

EDIT^ I saved the file, quit rhino, re-opened it: and Rhino sseemed to get over it’s little glitch!

Also there is a boarder around each of my pictureframes in the colour of the layer. How do I get rid of this? Sometimes theyr’e there, sometimes they’re gone. I also need a logo on my drawing, and made a detail with the logo inside to temporarily solve this boarder problem, but now the formatting is weird (colour shifted, additional white, unwanted linework…). Thoughts?

Thank-you in advance!

It sounds like half of the problem you were posting about is solved but for the remainder, can you post a 3dm file with the logo image in a detail? Please also post the image itself and a screenshot of what you see on your end to explain what’s wrong.

Thanks for your reply - I will re-visit this once I need to address the problem again!