Picture frame flickering

The picture frame material flickers transparency when I click on it or off it.

Basic picture frame from png with transparency set to 90% no other changes to material.

I will check display settings for advanced GPU lighting, no change.

Top view is wireframe & perspective is shaded


I’m having trouble repeating this. Can you post a sample model?

I started experiencing this today as well. It seems to happen either when i’m selecting or deselecting a solid that has a transparent material in Shaded or Rendered mode, or if i’m in Ghosted mode.

strange flicker.3dm (416.4 KB)

@jeff can you take a look at this?

I haven’t installed the new build here at home. I will try to send one tomorrow.

I can repeat the flicker with the ‘strange_flicker.3dm’ sample posted above. Thanks though

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I’ll take a look at this some time today…