Picture Frame doesn't work in lates version?

I’ve just downloaded the latest version of Rhino for Mac, and when I do the PictureFrame command, the image does not show up. I can’t even select the jpg in my Finder window. I can select a pdf, but then nothing happens when I go back to Rhino. How can this issue be fixed?

Same, I’m having the same issue…

I’m seeing this in WIP 5A701. We’ll take a look ASAP (reported in MR-1415). @dale I suspect this is related to the supported file types work you have been doing. Can you please help investigate?

This issue has been fixed.

Next WIP ? I use PictureFrame with every New Rhino file. Thanks

FYI you can work around this by creating a surface object and then setting its texture map file to be the picture.

Thanks @benl , This is breaking the PictureFrame command down into its sub-components. Sometimes the manual route works better.

THX, you saved me <3

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