Picture Frame bug during rotation

Did anyone noticed Rhino 7 SR7 crashes during rotating picture frame surface? It happens very rarely but already a few times when working with over 100 of picture frames in a file.
We have updated display driver, and it seems it occurs less often, but still from time to time. It is kind of hard to recreate it.

Surface is selected, rotate command is triggered, we are trying to find needed angle with preview and crash occurs during preview of rotation before angle would be accepted.

We are testing if keeping files locally instead on network would change this behaviour…

EDIT: it freezed, not crashed


Have you sent in crash reports when asked to? I can’t find any reports with the e-mail address I can see on Discourse.

If you get again a crash please submit that report along with your email address and a copy of the URL to this topic in the comments section.


Rhino did not asked for crash report. It just freezed, and not reposponded. My collegue reported this to me now. Sorry for misinformation. How we can proceed with freeze to effectively report details of this issue?

Hi Łukasz -

When Rhino freezes, please create a memory dump file - the complete instructions can be found here: Manually Creating a Memory Dump (DMP File) from an Unresponsive Rhino for Windows [McNeel Wiki]

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@mlukasz87 when you have created the dump file as per the linked instructions please copy the URL to this topic in the comments section as well when uploading to rhino3d.com/upload?to=nathan@mcneel.com - I’ve prefilled my address so I get directly notified instead of having to go through tech support first.

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To mantain smooth work we have moved all working files to local drive, due to approaching deadline with hope it would help. Problem is not showing anymore. If we would notice it again we will provide requested dump file.