"picture" and texture options in properties

can’t find any option to invert a picture or even a texture (when switched to custom).
Please add that, it is very useful when drawing over scanned plans, and also for any bump mapping or other type of B&W/greyscale mappings.
In rhino 5 this was possible in the texture editing window; maybe it is not implemented yet?

You have “Simple bitmap texture” under “Type” which seems to remove all the editing stuff. If you have just “Bitmap Texture”, it has all the editing stuff as in V5, including Invert.

However, there is a bug @andy… If I start out with a “Bitmap Texture” and then I grab the dropdown and change it to “Simple Bitmap Texture”, then change my mind, I can no longer go back to the original “Bitmap Texture”, it has disappeared. All there is is “More types”. If I close out of it and start over I can get back to “Bitmap Texture” though, so this seems like a small buglet.


hey Mitch, thanks I found it.

looks like the picture(frame) hides the other options, if switch to eg. custom material I get the “bitmap opition” and the other choices besides simple bitmap.

but right now opening these bitmap editing windows is quite slow… takes a few seconds here.

an invert here would be helpful, personally I do not like these modal windows.

Hi Mitch - that works here - Bitmap is there when set to Simple Bitmap, but scrolled off the top.


Hi Pascal,

maybe try this:

-drag an image to rhino as picture

-select the picture and go to material

-click on the link under “texture”

-the bitmap window opens, but under type it only shows " Simple Bitmap Texture" and more types…

Not here… http://screencast.com/t/fqyC5TgiY


Yes, I see, thanks - if the material is Picture, you do not get the Bitmap.

Oi, Pictures not working in Wireframe views today. https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-37089



when you switch here after loading it as picture the other dropdown items will show.