Pick data from list of points


Does anyone know how to pick out those points into the last panel?

I want to connect the red-marked points to the yellow-marked points. See attached.


can you upload the gh-file?

One option is to use list item and then find the index number. That could be quite time consuming though.

I would try to use deconstruct point, use the x- and y-values (that they seem to share) and then make a cull pattern from that.

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Hi again,

Thanks! Yes here is the GH-file. Please try find a solutions and then let me know.

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Ortofta.gh (25.2 KB)

Have a look at the attachment.

Ortofta_re.gh (16.1 KB)


Thanks. In my case my building has an extension, which you don’t include in your model.

Please, use my gh-file and show me how to connect the “missing” lines between the nodes.

Which version of Rhino and GH are you using?


Yes, it could be the reason.

I am using Rhino 5.0 and Grasshopper latest version I think.

Look here!..



Check this def. for R5.
Ortofta_reV2(R5).gh (16.2 KB)