Pick command to apply to all details

This is not big deal but wondering if it’s normal: Whenever I open a preexisting file I get the following message in the command line:

Pick command to apply to all visible details (ChangeDisplayMode ZoomExtents MakeObjectsSameScale).
See screengrab attached.

I can’t do anything until i clear this by hitting Enter.

Like I said, this is no big deal but wondering if this expected behavior?

Thank you.


Hi Cosmas- it looks like you are automatically loading a script at startup which is not designed for this- it looks to me like it would be maybe another version of ‘DetailsToolsDragNDrop.rvb’ that you have laying around someplace or indeed that script not correctly set up for drag and drop. I can take a look if you like.


That’s interesting, Pascal. How do you take a look? Remotely?

Hi Cosmas- just send me that script…


That makes total sense, Pascal, because that’s exactly what DetailsTools asks for when you run it. I looked in my Scripts folder and saw that I have two versions of this:

DetailsToolsDragNDrop.rvb dated 2/22/12
DetailsToolsShortcut.rvb dated 3/1/14

The second one is a variation of the first one, customized by Peter Harris so that I can use an alias to quickly turn all of my details to wireframe and back (for when my drawings are slow).


CosmasDetailsToolsDragNDrop.rvb (5.5 KB)

Hi Cosmas - there is a line that needs to be removed or commented out - open the file in the Rhino script editor or any text editor and change the line that has

Call DetailsTools()


'Call DetailsTools()

(with a tick in front, to comment it out), Save the script… restart Rhino. Does that work better?


Sure does!

Thank you :smile: