Pick-and-place predesigned objects


I’m sure this must have been asked before, but I couldn’t find it anywhere…

Is there a possibility to Pick And Place predfined objects by selecting them from a list (which are displayed in f.e. at the right end of the window)?

  • PAPing screws, nuts and bolts from such a list,
  • PAPing different sets of wheels for a car,
  • etc…

Thanx for an answer, greetings,


What is your specific use case for this?
I think the best way to achive this would be utilize ‘Layers’ or ‘Blocks’ and turn on and off the specific parts.

Hello - you can use the Libraries panel for this (Panels menu > Libraries) - you can set one or more folders as ‘favorites’ and drag and drop Rhino (and other) files directly into the Rhino viewport. You will then be asked whether to Import, Insert (as a block , by default) etc.


OK, that sounds like something that would work, I’m gonna try that!

Greetings, CJ.