Pick and edit faces in a Mesh

Hi All,

I often encounter this issue in my daily work, so I decided to ask here if there’s something I am missing…

Here below a simple mesh I am working on:

Now, I want to pick some group of faces and apply a window frame on them, in group mode (see below).

As a result I have a mesh that is unwelded along the edges circled in red (vertex), since the new faces are not subdivided and they don’t match the vertex of the adjacent faces.

( If I bake and move the points is more clear what I mean…)

The same thing happens if I want more detail somewhere and I subdivide a subset of faces on the mesh.

I wonder if there is a way to fix this once I arrive to this point with the mesh, and I think it would be interesting if just there was a way to subdivide the mesh where needed and weld.

Thanks in advance for your help!!!


P.S. …Here’s the definition.
editing-mesh.gh (15.4 KB)

You should avoid using discontinuity point, use instead that polyline you found.
You can scale to the center of the polyline, loft and convert to mesh.
(WBframe seems to not like that polyline. It gives me a strange result.)

Yes Riccardo,
it works you said. Here’s an image:

I also had astrange resurl with WB frame.