Phyllotactic spirals by john edmark

Hey there, I want to model phyllotactic spirals in grasshopper just the way they are made by John Edmark, with control on no, of cells and spiral count. I have put an image for reference. Can anyone help me with the scripting for the same?

Thanks in advanceGC-Chromataxis-JohnEdmark-PaulDancstep-YouTUbe-Screen-Shot-2017-04-29-at-10.03.04-PM

Hi Priyesh, the image shows fibonnaci tiling. You can have no control over the number of spirals, these are determined by the base geometry itself. The base geometry consists of points with polar coördinates. The angle is determined by the golden ratio, for the offset distance from the pole I have chosen an exponential series (I’m not sure what John Edmark uses, I’m not a math mastermind).
The number of cells can be set. I have made no attempt to copy Edmark’s colour scheme, I’ve used a simple gradient. In the end the geometry looks quite similar to Edmark’s image. (31.4 KB)


Thank you so much mark. The one thing I was struggling with, was to maintain the same shape throughout the cells addition with constant scale. I have managed to control the spiral count. I hope, this combination of both now fulfilles the requirement…!!

Thank you so much for this…!!:raised_hands:

If I understood correctly and I remember correctly, if you manage to change the parastichie numbers in the right cycle, you can adjust the index topology to have more square and regular faces. Or maybe you can also approximate it linearly by adjusting the radius with graphs.

BTW, some years ago I published PhylloMachine, a plugin to model plants using this and others indexing patterns in the distribution of the phyllotaxis. It has a pdf explaining how it works, so take a look if you want :slight_smile:


Yes, I already have this plugin installed…with this pdf only I got know about the indices of the mesh faces…This is brilliant work…!!

Thank you so much publishing and responding… :slight_smile:

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Can you send over your script…!! I cannot understand about what you are trying to say regarding the cycle of parastichy pair radius graph.