PHPP and Honeybee

Hello everyone,
I was wondering if anyone tried (or heard of) comparing results obtained through PHPP simulation and a Honeybee simulation.
I’ve tried using Bumblebee to send the data from my grasshopper model to the PHPP excel sheet and it works pretty well for general geometry adjustments such as orientation, surfaces etc, but I was wondering if I could get the same results using Honeybee.
Setting up the Bumblebee is a real pain and I can’t get to all the options such as the dropdown lists from the excel, but getting the PHPP results in real time is great and I can even run optimization without problem.
I’ve messed around in honeybee with a recycled example from Chris Mackey (,0) (minus the Colibri part) but no luck so far.
The end goal is optimization but there are too many parameters I can’t yet control properly with the Bumblebee workflow (type of windows, hvac systems, wall comps, etc…)
I think all this is possible with Honeybee, but I’d like to prove the relevance of the results by comparing them with the results from the PHPP.
PHPP is more or less trusted whereas grasshopper is still more related to random magic for most of my entourage :slight_smile:

I must point out that I’m not an expert in either PHPP Honeybee nor Building Energy Simulation, I’m an architecture student (until july :D)

Thanks in advance,
Cheers from Belgium

Sorry for the English mistakes*

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