pFrame reading crv param wrong. HELP

Here is a simple task. I need to create a pFrame at the mid point of an arc. Curve is reparameterized so 0.5 should be middle. In fact preview shows it. But when I get pFrame it’s a little off. What is happening! Most baffling…

Curve parameters are not synonymous with curve lengths.

However, the Curve Point At slider doesn’t work in parameter space, it works in arc-length space, so given your screenshot I would expect the point and the plane to line up.

Can you upload the curve in question?

I understand. There must be something wrong with the curve itself. I’ve tried the same script on other curves and it worked fine. The curve is internalized in my GH script so here it is. Let me know if you find anything. (3.9 KB)

Yup, very peculiar. Still digging. In the meantime, here’s the bug-report for this.