PerspectiveMatch command closes upon second click on pic

I wish to see if my model matches visually an oblique view photo of the item I am trying to recreate.

If I could get that photo as translucent to appear as if on a sheet of glass whilst I rotate the model in perspective view behind it until it matches, I could see what changes I need to make.

Better still if I could perform some kind of orient3 point, selecting points on the raster image, then corresponding points on the model, Rhino then orients it to match the image, saves a lot of mouse panning and rotating, align in one axis and it loses it in another !

Getting it printed onto an overhead projector transparency sheet and attaching that over my monitor would be a crude way, but the sheets dont come that big and thats a little pre-PC era.

Any ideas on how best this can be done in Rhino ?



Wow, orient as well :smile:

A few issues, I pick point one on pic, then point 1 on model, then it asks for point 2, so pick that on pic, and command vanishes. Tried three times. command vanishes same place each time.

Its behind my model as opposed to over it and translucent so I see through the photo, but its a start.
My model needs viewing in the rendered view so as to be able to compare it but it obliterates the pic.

I have gone into file>properties>view>Rendered and made transparency 50% but nothing happens.
How can I make rendered view translucent ?

Failing that I shall use Shaded if that can be made translucent …how ??? but its full of clutter which will need hiding.

I have created my wallpaper, the part of the image that I need to study is occupying a smaller part of the entire image, and I cant zoom in on it, as its wallpaper, unlike PictureFrame, now there is mention of dont go messing with pics, or it wont work. It is not working on what is currently an original pic, jpg from RAW file, not edited at all.

What is the best way of getting rid of the unwanted surround to this object and making the part I am needing to see much larger ? My first prog I reach for is Photoshop and crop tool, but any tricks I should know ?

I looked for a video on youtube but there are no decent videos with understandable language !