Perspective View problem

Hello! There is a small bug with an alias in my Perspective view button. The alias is - setview world perspective cplane world top Once I press the button - alias works as it should, next time - it doesnt... I dont understand that strange behavior… to solve that probleme I duplicated alias in the button and it works fine now, but I guess it`s a little bit stupide, maybe there is a right solution?

What happens? Nothing at all or?


Hi Pascal!
Sorry, I cannot upload images because of the error, then I will try to explain by words…
When I press button Perspective view with alias “setview world perspective cplane world top” for the first time the perspective view looks right. Then I press any different view mode button (i.e. Top), top view looks right. Then a press Perspective view again and it doesn`t look right. It looks like if the alias would be a “setview world perspective”.
Then i press top - ok, press perspective view - ok, and then all repeat by circle.

Try the below macro:
’_SetView _World _Top
’_SetView _World _Perspective

Ciao Vittorio

Hm… I do not have a good idea at the moment- I noticed in your alias list, one or two aliases were missing spaces, but I think the one for Top seemed OK- this seems to work relaibly here so far:

_SetView _World _Perspective _Cplane _World _Top

You can also use

_Perspective _Cplane _World _Top

since Perspective is a built in alias as far as I can see.


Thank you Vittorio!
I have tested your macro it works great!))

Thank you Pascal!
I just tried macro of Vittorio and it works great. Anyway thanks for your kind reply!