Personal Critique / walkthrough SUB-D Pro --- Halp

Hi All,

I’m going crazy with subd and would love to get a personal critique feedback maybe a 30 min to 1 hr walkthrough-critique talk regarding my process and what I can do to improve or if I’m like way off :slight_smile:

Anyone up for it? <<< KYLE AT MCNEEL >>> ? Or does anyone know a good resource for me to find someone who can do a little hand holding with me for a minutes @pascal ?! Even better if you can help me take my project into zbrush and/or keyshot after we’ve got it good in Rhino. Thanks ya’ll

I can pay…



@theoutside - is this for you??


Thank you for the tag! YES, it is…

feel free to post models/ images I’ll be happy to take a look and help where useful