PersistentOnMesh function Rhino7

I found PersistentOnMesh command Rhino5, but i can’t find it on Rhino 7.
I’d like to move point on a mesh, could you help me?

Thank you in advance.

Now it’s under osnap options, you need to press ctrl key to show it

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Thank you @Mats,
Even though i select a point, onMesh checkbox can’t be active, do you know solutions?

You need to select a mesh, check for instructions on the command line

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Thank you for your help @mats_magnunson i can move on mesh if i make new point. But after setting the location of a point, i can move it again on a mesh because i can’t select onMesh checkbox again.
Therefore do you know is it possible to move a point after setting the location of the point?

Move command allows only 1 target position but if you use Copy command it will allow to set multiple target positions, using the Persistent on mesh option it has the same behaviour.
To move several times you may need to run the command several times as well.

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