Persistent data for ghpython component menu options

I am now using an input to where I stick the menu selection to Persistent Data and recall Persistent Data using the following method:

class MyComponent(component):
    def __init__(self):
        self.Component = ghenv.Component
        pp = self.Component.Params.Input[3] 
            self.typ = pp.PersistentData[0][0].Value #Gets internal Value
            self.typ = 0

    def RunScript()......

    #Edited StateChange to store Persistent Data
    def StateChange(self, obj, args, typ):
        #Create or modify the Persistent Data
        pp = self.Component.Params.Input[3]
        self.typ = typ

This works well, however I wish to remove to hide the input so the user uses the internal menu to change the state of the component. Is there a way to store persistent data to some internal param, rather then then using an input for it?

Found this thread regarding a similar issue, it looks like read()/write() methods are the way to go. @piac