I connect a curve setting it as such to the input of the python component and using the ExtremeParameters method I get the quad points of the same.

sorry for the “perhaps useless” question:

is there a method analogous to ExtremeParameters which reports the perpendicularity between the tangency t value of the curve and the vector on it of a specific point?

You can calculate the angle between the vectors and if that is 90 degrees, the vectors are perpendicular

There’s also the Vector3d.IsPerpendicularTo method.

thanks @martinsiegrist @AndersDeleuran for the replies

I know this method, but with Vector3d.IsPerpendicularTo I go to “check” if two vectors are perpendicular, while with ExtremeParameters it automatically finds the perpedicularity between the tangency and the axis indicated on the domain of a curve.

who knows maybe the ExtremeParameters code checks only if the tangency has a value of 1 and consequently the vector of the indicated axis must necessarily be perpendicular.

I guess if a method were feasible where you indicate curve and point and return all perpendicular points of the curve from the indicated point, they would. . . .