Perp Planes into specific brebs

I’ve tried to resolve this problem, but I can’t find the way for this.
I need to get a central axis by each arm and generate perp planes, which perp planes following those central lines.
I upload a example photo.
Thank you for your help! (8.1 KB) Arms.3dm (690.9 KB)

“brebs” indeed. This is a silly and desperate effort since these aren’t true centerlines at all. There are some parameter tweaks that make it work better (or worse). Probably useless. (16.9 KB)

Taking it one step further… The centroids of the “approximate” sections (version ‘b’ in previous post) are used to create a new centerline that is much closer to true? (23.9 KB)

One mesh has a gaping hole (missing face?) that breaks the cross-sections, shortening the loft result: (101.4 KB)

Meshes are internalized, no need for Rhino file.

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Hi Joseph! it seems to be very usefull
Actually as you can see I’m a beginner, and every contribution you have made has help me so much.
Thank you for your time!