Perp frame rotate planes issue

Hi GH/Rhino community,

I have an issue using perp frames because randomly a plane rotates and the final Brep is twisted, could anyone give an idea of how to solve the problem please?

Attached show some figures showing the issue and the gh (8.8 KB)

You have at least two options. UseAlign Planesor just tryPFrames. (14.9 KB)


Thank you so much for your help, I will use align planes because I need the perpendicular frames in the location of the points.

I have noticed that in case of using an elliptical shape instead of a circular, the option of aligning planes do not create the geometry correctly. Is there any other option to change just the plane which is incorrect. Thank you so much for your help

I had a similar situation with a closed profile lofted along a curve.
The way I solved it: breaking the closed profile curve into two open curves, lofting them separately, and finally combining the two BReps.