Periodic shape packing example

Here’s an example definition using the curve collisions in the latest Kangaroo (for Rhino 6) with some periodic boundary conditions. (23.1 KB)

I thought this might be nice as a way of designing seamless repeating fabric prints.

It contains one scripted component - you’ll need to set the reference assembly path
(typically C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\Grasshopper\Components*)*

You can replace the inputs with any closed curve shapes you like. The base rectangle which gets repeated is defined by the origin and one point which you can set. You can drag the shapes around in Rhino by their centre points, and adjust their scale with the slider (of course if you make them larger than can fit together within the space they will overlap).

If you want to modify the shapes by their control points even while the packing is running - there is a toggle to use a Data Dam for updating their centre points.

Here the symmetry group is just 2 perpendicular translations, but the same principle should work with any of the wallpaper groups.

Thanks to @andheum for getting me thinking about this with this tweet


Great work. Thank you.