Pergola passage-slicing problem

Hi. I am trying to made sweep with different curve profile, its works with straight and ellipse line but with freeform curve slicing

not working properlyPergola (5.2 KB) Test pergola.3dm (1.3 MB)

You can cull out redundant section profiles like this.

On second thought, you could also use Orient.

Pergola (22.0 KB)

i dont have this one/ how can i alter this with something else?

Actually, for your specific case, that’s redundant…

Pergola (19.8 KB)

Yhank u so much,I did it and it work very well. But when i try to add multiple cuves its add second row of line next to it,but i want all in one curve, also how i can change thicknes of sliced pergolas?Pergola (13.0 KB)

I don’t understand what you mean. Sketchs? i designed this pergola according this video and in this video bench was designed from multiple cross section. but when i trying to add multiple cross section to my pergola design its not working.

I don’t intend to watch the video you said, anyway check this.
If you try to apply multiple profiles, you should mind datatree.(in this case, Graft or Group, Ungroup)

Pergola (17.4 KB)

And get this as well.

Pergola (26.7 KB)

Thank u Kim, one last question how to randomly join pergola profiles?

Pergola (31.5 KB)

This very nice, but scrpit isnt working cuz of some missing parts. Can u add only one profile curve as in this picturePergola (21.3 KB) Pergola (21.3 KB


What parts? I’m pretty sure every components are native GH and compatible with both R5 & R6 except Multiplication.

Pergola (16.2 KB)

I dont know exactly, but end result look like this

Obviously you are using rhino5.
Just replace the Multiplication to your old multiplication component following the screen grab of mine.

Thank u, working very well. how can i instead of random reduce put attract to curve script? i want to keep shadow element only on red line which crossing spiral curve/

Find the closest points within threshold from the rail curve division points by using attractor curve and Curve Closest Point and cull the points that are outside of the threshold by using Cull Pattern.

i tried to as u said but couldnt((

Pergola (32.3 KB)

I think this would be the last time to help you with this. Best.

Pergola (23.0 KB)