Performing operations and keeping same data structure

Hi all,

I am trying to simplify a script and I am having issues with data structures.

I want to add a cylinder to these two lists that have the same data structure. However, I want the result to be a list of lists and not the two lists merged. I need to keep them separated.

See pic.

The two original lists both have 10 lists with 10 items. For some reason, after the circle creation, I have 10 lists with 20 items. I want to have 2 lists of 10 lists with 10 items.

(I only want to use one component to create the circles, I know I can duplicate that and keep two separate lists)

Any ideas?

UPDATE: Okay, after playing around, I was able to keep the original data structure by using path mapper before the lists go into the circle component. That way, they keep the same data structure after the operations, which is what I was after:

Screen Shot 2022-09-24 at 1.02.30 PM

I personally will avoid something like path mapper because it is not strong enough in programming concept.

I will use group and ungroup instead in case of geometry objects.