Perforated Brick Wall


I am very new to Rhino and not familiar with grasshopper, but so far everything is pretty easy to learn so I am open to any type of solution!
My question involves creating this type of brick wall:

It is completely straight (no curves or anything). If you could help me out, I would greatly appreciate it!!

Hi -

You didn’t categorize your post and it was put in the general “Rhino” category.
Will you just be making the wall with fixed brick sizes and spacing or will this be something that you need to be able to change? In other words, is this a Rhino or a Grasshopper question?

Hi, I’ve never used grasshopper so I’m not sure if it would be easier, but the wall would be fixed brick sizes and spacing, nothing dynamic.

Hi -

In that case, just put two bricks on top of each other and use Array to create the wall:

X=10 and Z=5:



Similar method with grasshopper. (16.4 KB)