Percentage value is not functionnal

since the beta version the percentage of texture values is no longer supported and their values remain fixed at 100%.

Hi @m.greffet

Other users have also reported this problem. I have not yet been able to reproduce this problem. Still trying. One question. Is the problem only with the texture numeric stepper controls? Does the checkbox and other controls work?

Br, Max

Hi @m.greffet, @maxsoder,
Same issu with me, on the latets beta release… and some previous .
For a try, just apply a base color, and add texture, then percentage should normally reduce visibility of texture, until a total disappearance at 0%, but it does not work, and any value entered will not affect the thumbnail, (or the object if applied), then if you change the menu and, and back to the menu material, value haf been restore to 100%.
It is very important if you want to mix, or soften texture…

Checkbox, and left value (0.00 to 1.00) works well

Hope someone in McNeel team will be able to reproduce it.


Hi @m.greffet and @a.simonin,

Thanks for the answers. I was finally able to reproduce this. It seems it works on the english version, but I am able to reproduce the numeric stepper problem with Fr-fr the French version of Rhino. I will start to investigate and find a fix for this.


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I suppose this means that all the other non-english versions need to be checked for the same thing, eh?

Hi all,

Yes, only the english one works, but the fix will fix all the language versions. I have now investigated the problem and made a fix. I will just make some more tests and commit it in the morning.


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Thanks !
I’m trying this tomorrow morning !

Hi @m.greffet,

When I commit tomorrow, the fix should be available one week after, so hopefully everything is working next week.

Br, Max

Hi @maxsoder ,

Thanks a lot for this so quick answer :slight_smile:

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