Percentage of surface area

Hello everyone i am just struggling a bit maybe you guys could give me a hint on how to approach this…

So my goal would to creat a grid of cells that have 63% of the area of the surface they were created on
the top square i draw everything by hand and now i would like to be able to adjust the size of the cells but for them to always keep 63% Area of the surface they lay on

Thank you in advance

If you change the cells dimensions, then you must change their amount… !
It works better the other way, user input is cell X and Y amount.

Is spacing equally on x and y?
Is the top always without spacing?
Are all the cells always equal?

the goal would be that i can change the amount of cells but combined they stay with an area of 63% of the toal area

so my idea would to try to figure out how much i need to offset a cell that i get the area x 0,63 of the old cell

And specify the number of rows? Otherwise you get all narrow cells that are full height.
As @maje90 asked, what about vertical spacing or distance from top and bottom surface edges?

Incomplete spec…

P.S. Here is a thing that demonstrates flaws in this spec, and some ways of thinking about it.

As you can see, spacing is an issue. If ‘Clearance_H’ is zero, the cell widths consume the full horizontal distance with nothing left for gaps. If ‘Clearance_H’ is too large, the cells may not fit within the original surface. Vertical spacing can be derived but I can’t be bothered.

‘Clearance_H’ too large:

You want the GH code too? How about posting your own next time? (20.9 KB)

use Scale by 0.63, don’t use offset

OK, this version calculates even spacing horizontally and vertically. The ‘Clearance_H’ problem remains when it is too large. (26.5 KB)

Kaboom! A bug discovered… Can you find it? Can you fix it? :man_facepalming:

Found and fixed two bugs. Added yellow group to alert when ‘Clearance_H’ slider (blue group) is excessive by changing surface color from green to red. (30.4 KB)

panels area (27.2 KB)


working with areas, that scaling factor should be under square root

Adding pseudo-explanation

wat.3dm (166.2 KB)

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This is the same code as before, refactored for clarity (readability). (29.4 KB)

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