Per Detail layer adjustments


I’m making a bunch of posts as I find issues with what I would LOVE to have at my disposal using rhino as a full stack drafting application… here’s another.

I’d like to have per detail control over layer visibility and even opacity if possible. Image using the same floor plan and layering onto it electrical/plumbing/hvac. In the details I can show and hide/grey out or fade each element.

Is there an elegant way to do this without copying the floor plan and making changes to each copy as they happen?


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Hi Brennan - per detail layer visibility is there - in the layer panel, over to the right side of it - but not transparency.


Is that per detail?

Thank you

Yep - the visibility applies to the active detail if one is active and to the layout if there is no active detail.


That’s awesome. Is transparency something that is possible going forward for layers?

Hello - transparency by layer in some form has come up now and again but more as a request for display modes per layer. Possible, I gather but not high on anyone’s list at the moment.


If it was important to me, could I homebrew it with Python or Grasshopper? Or is it deep in the guts to make those changes?

Hi Brennan, I’d think that would be very hard, if even possible, which I doubt…


roger that

Brennan -

Please note that when the global visibility is set to off for a given layer, it will not display in a detail, even if the per detail layer visibility is set to on. So, you basically have to set all of the global visibilities to on prior to working on, or printing, your details. Ideally, at some point, the per detail visibility setting will fully control the status of each layer, regardless of the global visibility.

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