Penguin Render Skewing

Normal render:

Skewed render upon changing aspect ratio:

Notice how the perspective is distorted when the aspect ratio is increased. Am I missing something? Thank you for any help.

@heinzler , can you send us a sample file?
Can you check you are using the newest SR available?

Thanks for the reply. Running SR10, and here is a sample of my rendering file.

heinzler_rendersample.3dm (5.5 MB)

@heinzler I can see this happening at sizes bigger than 4200px/large side, will report it as a bug.


@heinzler @Rodri
I will try to figure out what’s going wrong.
Meanwhile, if you need that image resolution, you could also choose a lower antialias value.


@Rodri @adanguillen Thanks for the prompt acknowledgement. Yeah I realized setting antialias to medium resolves it. That’s an acceptable workaround for now. Hoping this is sorted eventually.