Penguin download

Is the download on this page the full version?

or with the eval, is it possible to just enter a license key to transform it into a full version?

Or, which one on this page should be downloaded? SR3 Eval? Or SR0 plus the SR download?

Thanks, --Mitch

Perhaps @fran can sort this out.

Yes. You need a valid CDkey to download.

No, the eval and full version are different files.

What do you need exactly? You should download either the SR4 eval or the SR4 full release.

Hi Fran,

I need a full release. So it’s the first link above?

Thanks, --Mitch

Hi Mitch,

Yes, this one.

Are the links wrong on this page?

No, simply the wording implied (to me anyway) that this was just a service release, and not necessarily the full download.

Compare this to the Rhino download page:

So maybe the wording on the Penguin page could be changed to reassure people like me that it’s the fully functional version, not just a service release patch… Also perhaps at some point that the eval version could be converted to a fully licensed version like Rhino - which apparently is not the case currently.

Thanks, --Mitch