Pen Display mode treats blocks differently

I have an instance of a Block and an object (Group) created from the same block instance. In Pen mode, the Grouped object is displayed differently than the block instance. I can upload the file, but thought I’d look to see if there was an obvious setting I was missing first?

Any ideas ?

BTW, am using latest OSX WIP version

here are the 2 objects: the one at the back is the object created as a “Group” from the Block Instance and the one in the front is the Block instance itself:

this is the view in Artistic display mode:

in every other mode, they display identically…

realized Block instance and Group Object (created from same Block instance) were not on the same layer. So, I moved Block Instance to the same layer as Group Object. now the resultant “Artistic” view, while still not the same for both objects, it has also c hanged to make the Block instance a little transparent… i.e:

Hey @jeff Do you think this could be caused by the same thing causing RH-36913 or should it be treated as a separate bug?

I don’t think so Dan…This looks more like issues with Shadows and possibly the Skylight… Pen mode has shadows OFF by default, Artistic mode has them ON…thus, the difference. My guess is if you simply tick the “Shadows” checkbox in the display panel while viewing Pen mode, the same issue will show up.

@pharris65 Could you please upload your test file?


I should point out that if however, the problem does not show up in Pen mode once shadows are ON…then it is possible that this is related to RH-36913.