PDFPrint RasterMode Function error

I have tried testing out the printing feature using the ViewCaptureSettings

private void CreatePDF(RhinoPageView view, string folder, bool rasterPrinting)
FilePdf pdf = FilePdf.Create();
int dpi = 300;
double inch = 25.4;
double width = view.PageWidth / inch;
double height = view.PageHeight / inch;
Size size = new Size((int) (width * dpi), (int) (height * dpi));
ViewCaptureSettings settings = new ViewCaptureSettings(view, size, dpi);

if (rasterPrinting)
  settings.RasterMode = true;

string filename = Path.Combine(folder, view.PageName + ".pdf");


Even though I provide the boolean to be true for rastermode, it still prints pages in Vectormode setting.

All the colored lines are surface edges

Any reason why this is happening?