Pdf995 Driver (sudden) Issues !?!

I’ve had the Pdf995 driver installed for several years with no issues. The past few weeks when trying to create pdf files of my sheets, I get the attached error message. It make ZERO sense to me. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver without luck.

I have also tried opening older files think the current(s) ones might be corrupt some how - I had the same issue.

Has anyone experienced this? Would love to find direction or a solution.


Try this alternative, it works perfectly on my PC,

You may have to ask the pdf995 developers about this. I haven’t seen this before and is looks like it is related to the pdf995 driver. Do you get the same error when trying to print with pdf995 from a different program?

THANKS! for the suggestions! I have’t tried 995 on other programs, RHINO is really the only software I have to use it for. HOWEVER, I read that Pascal uses CutePDF so I deleted 995 and Cute has worked for me ever since. Dunno what the sudden dealio was…