Pdf Writer Preferences?

I’d be curious to hear from folks what pdf writer is proving successful for them. In my early Rhino days I was somehow advised to use Cutepdf but with at least one aspect of Rhino7 (transparency by layer) the results from Cutepdf show artifacting.

We use Bluebeam and it has worked well.

Is there an issue with Rhino PDF that you are trying to work around?


As @stevebaer points out
why not use the buildin Rhino PDF writer

When I began to learn Rhino a couple of years ago I was advised against Rhinopdf and I believe at that time I tried it and Cutepdf and for whatever reason the latter served better.

David -

You were advised against using Adobe PDF because of known issues at the time. Rhino PDF is new and is something that we have control over.

I don’t recall. That may be. It’s certainly faster and presenting no problems this week.Thx.

Today Rhinopdf prints a layout without a particular solid fill, but Cutepdf prints the layout correctly.