PDF import -> Bad reference

Hey there,

I use Rhino to manage plan drawings and create abstract 3d representations for a subsequent simulation.

Most of the time I only get a PDF version instead of the requested DWG/DXF. Not a real problem as Rhino is able to read PDF as well…
…but while this ran smoothly in the past, most PDFs I try to open in recent times fail to do so. All I get ist an error message stating “… bad reference”

I usually open the PDF in Illustrator, convert to DWG and open that in Rhino. But that’s really just a crude workaround.

Please improve the error handling for opening PDF’s. I’m sure, there’s a lot of stuff that can’t be rendered in Rhino and needs to be ignored but that should not result in a single unspecific message and total refusal to open.

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Can you send in a PDF that generates this error please? Email it to tech@mcneel.com and reference this forum thread or post it here and I’ll make sure the issue gets on the pile to be looked at. Thanks!

I sent you a few examples.