Pdf generated in rhino any easy way to recreate view and add copyright?

after the manic haste to get plans out, I realise I need to add copyright on the pdf outputs.
I dont suppose for one minute there is an easy way to get rhino to show what was on and off layer wise, other than to recreate the views manually, turn layers off etc, and add a text box for copyright ?

Trouble is we all see something we dont want, delete it or hide it, make pdf then undo that hide.

It will be a vector output, i.e the pdf contains vector, though I could open into photoshop the pdf and add text there then reprint it as pdf ? thus rasterizing it.

Or maybe here is an add copyright to the pdf tool.


Well if you used Layer States, or Layouts which let you override the layer visibility settings, then you wouldn’t have to manually recreate anything.

What do you mean add copyright? The © symbol is just a character, type Alt+0169 on Windows. Make it part of your template on the layout. Of course you can edit the pdf in Photohsop, or anything else–Illustrator, the full version of Acrobat, I’m sure there are 3rd party tools.