PDF Export Issues

i tried to save this file as an pdf.
Somwhow it does not work, even if the command line says that the pdf was succesfully written.
Can anyone help?
I attached the file.
Problem pdf export.3dm (607.3 KB)

It works in both Rhino 5 and 6 via Rhino default pdf. If the command line said successful, you might look around to see where it was written.:slightly_smiling_face:

roman.pdf (20.4 KB)
roman 6.pdf (56.8 KB)

thanks for the fast reply.
unfortunately i does still not work.
i saved it on the desktop and in another folder, but still no pdf visible.
is there any tick box i did not saw in the export dialog?

Are you on Rhino 5? Don’t think there any tick boxes, but I’ll check. Did the pdfs I attached work?

added: Do you see the preview in the pdf dialog? Look in the Visibility section for items checked or unchecked?

Yes Rhino 5 and your pdfs worked.
this is the dialog i see…

Roman, your dialog view is what I get too…hmmm…don"t know what else to try

Try using the Print command and choose some different PDF printers as destinations.

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@stevebaer, @romanhahlbrock
FWIW --Examples printed (not exported or saved as) with several pdf pgms from Version 5 SR14 64-bit, (5.14.522.8390, 5/22/2017).
All work as expected.
Problem Primo.pdf (36.6 KB)
Problem pdf995.pdf (22.6 KB)
Flexi.pdf (33.9 KB)

I used the print command an now it works.
Any Ideas, why it does not work with export or save as?
Thank you anyway.