PDF download now only works intermittently

We have a download configuration button which downloads a pdf and always worked until recently.
Now it works intermittently, any ideas why this has now started to occur.
Here’s the definition Design Your Bimini - Biminis4Boats, Biminis for Boats

Your configurator is running version 2.14.0 of the ShapeDiver viewer. Could you update it to the latest version (2.32.0) and try again?

Thank you for the reply.

Is this the configurator something that the developer who wrote the API and embedded this within the website is responsible for, or is it something within the Shapediver Grasshopper definition we supplied?

Dear Mathieu, the developer has come back and asked me to ask if this is something that I can take care of within the grasshopper definition, can I ask what exactly is required to update to the latest viewer, is this something I change with the Grasshopper definition?

This viewer version is something that is set by the developer using the javascript API of the viewer. They should be able to just manually change the version from 2.14.0 to 2.32.0.

Thank you.
The developers are on vacation until January so I will need to wait for their return

Mathieu, I can not get help from the developers until mid-January.
As the definition worked perfectly after implementation until recently and the work was a paid contract to a developer, are you sure this issue is not something that can be resolved without having to re-contract the developer to update with our new viewer?
Is there a work around, I would hope is another answer to getting the download pdf function and other functions which will stop working “fixed”.

The reason why the export only works intermittently is that it sometimes takes more than the 10 seconds included in your account. Here is such an example of failed export we could reproduce on your model:

You might be able to solve this by optimizing the definition and make it faster, or you will definitely solve the issue by upgrading your account to 30 seconds of computation time.

Thank you.
I will work on optimising the definition