PBR textures? on mcneel website link broken

was hoping to jump to this link and download some textures, alas it is broken, can anyone recommend a solution? @pascal

Is there a rhino PBR pack somewhere for download?

Hi Arkadius -

Thanks for reporting that - I’ve put that on the list as WWW-1874 Broken link to external PBR Materials site

Have you tried searching for “PBR Materials” using your favorite search engine?

Hi @arcade.smith
I can’t help with the broken link to c00 textures - I think the website might be dead, actually. But there are plenty of other free sites out there. My personal favourites are:
https://polyhaven.com/ - where there’s also 3D models and HDRi’s
There’s many, many more out there; some free, some paid for, some subscription based.
HTH, Jakob

Some other resources…

Substance 3D Assets Homepage (only some are free)

@Normand @BrianJ @wim

Thank-you all very much, I had assumed that the link was in someway maintained or connected to Mcneel, and thought it would have been good to use official pbr libraries (if they had infact existed), thanks for all your suggestions

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