Pbr texture issue

Hey, I’m having a similar issue to a previous poster about displacements on a pbr material. I’ve got a small diameter pipe that I’m trying to apply a texture to, but it’s offset from the surface equally around the long axis. I’ve tried extractrendermesh and quadremesh, as well as the original nurbs surface all with the same result. Any advice?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Hi @joshuakn,

Try converting the NURBS cylinder from an Extrusion to a Brep using ConvertExtrusion. Then go into the cylinder’s render mesh options and make it more dense (Select it, in the Object Properties check Custom Mesh. Then press Adjust and change the maximum edge length to make the object more dense).


So I’ve tried values between 1000 (just for the heck of it) and .0001 for maximum edge length, all with no avail. Is there a particular range I should be trying? I’ve also tried adjusting the density (a clue may be that the density always returns to .8 every time I open the dialog box)

I should say I’m totally new to rendering and don’t have the faintest idea about render meshes or breps (I’m totally new to grasshopper too) vs. extrusions (I do understand closed polysurfaces vs. extrusions to a certain degree). I’ve tried googling this a bit and haven’t found anything particularly helpful.
Thanks for getting back to me.


Can you please share the object and its material so we can have a look?