PBR Materials V7

When I create a new PBR material from a PBRzip file do I need to manually save it somewhere or does Rhino do that automatically? If so, I can’t seem to find where Rhino is putting it.


The zip file is full of textures, and those textures will be unpacked into your temp folder. You can see the location by opening the textures in the material editor and looking at the path.

So then I have to save the material to the library if I want to keep it for re-use?

You can save it to wherever you like - it doesn’t have to be in the actual library. You can save it to any folder on your disk.

But essentially, since you can drag and drop the ZIP file onto an object to create a PBR material, the ZIP file is just as valid a material as the RMTL file.

So if I put the zip file in my material library folders I’m good to go?

Pretty much

If I drag and drop the zip file onto an object to create a PBR material, what then happens to the files left in the temp directory if I don’t save the created material to the library?

They will stay there, and also be embedded into the file. So if you open the file and the temp files have been delivered, they will be unpacked.

My PBR materials are all white after closing and re-opening my test file.
I have created them by clicking on the yellow folder and selecting the zip archive in my personal library folder.
When I openend the file the “Missing image” window popped up, jpgs are gone for ten materials, two are still there in the \PBRZipPackages.
Unfortunately it doesn’t work when I try to open the archive again in the material window.
I have to unzip all my folders to point at the separate jpgs, or reopen Rhino and bulk replace everything there in small batches.

Did I miss something?
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