PBR material color incorrect in rendered viewport

Hey @dan, I downloaded build of the day, and try it, It solves partially the problem, let me explain:

First I am able to load the material editor, add PBR without crashing, and it is very appreciable :slight_smile:
Loading images into PBR folder works great, but, on Render mode only, the base color if loaded as image, appear in good into the icon panel, but appear in red (as red color) into the viewport.
It is only into Render mode, because in Raytraced mode it works well with the right appearance.
In render mode, all other maps, like Normal, or roughness affect well the render, in fact all object appear as “red base color” if a file is affected.
If I uncheck it, the base color define appear well and replace the red.

So to resume, affecting and image base color in Render mode only, appear in red color into the viewport.

Hope my describe could help you

Let me know, but thank you for help

Best regards

Hi Antoine-

I’m not able to easily reproduce this one on my computer based on your screenshot. Can you please attach a 3dm file that is exhibiting this behavior?


Hi @dan, please find attached the file… but, after several tests from my side, it appear that this graphic bug react… randomly…

When first adding base image, thumbnail update with the texture, then when applying mat to the object, it shows red.
But at a moment of “playing” with rhino, the render appearance goes well and right texture is on object…(red disappeared)
But if I change the texture with new file it return with a red aspect.
Then if I tweak and reload the previous texture, no red, it is instantly the texture…
New test, I apply texture, it appears red, I save file close it and open it, texture is good (no red)…

It is very strange, itTest red render base color.3dm (14.6 MB) react as if texture need to be “loaded” into memory, and need some “save of the file” to do it.

So I think it will be hard for you to reproduce…

@dan, looks like the file is created on 10.13.6 . I can’t repro here on 10.15.3, so maybe you need to get out the old machine again?

Yes @nathanletwory, made on old machine 10.13.6
My opinion is that it is only an “update” of the texture when added into the folder of base color, for render preview, because when
Latest WIP released today installed for my tests.

Unfortunately, I am not able to reproduce this behavior with Test red render base color.3dm on macOS 10.13.6. The color is correct on the machine I’m testing with (a MacBookPro10,1).

Hello @dan following my problem, I have something strange…
Into graphical properties, I have no longer my GPU inside the list, only CPU
And my graphical problem (red render) are something linked to the graphical use, as if texture was not loaded into the graphical memory…
Everything render well into Raytraced mode, but not render…
Is there a way to force to recognize the GPU? mine is AMD Radeon R9 M390 2048 Mo

Thanks for your advice

Not currently. Cycles does currently not support GPU rendering on the Mac. Due to poor OpenCL support from Apple upstream Cycles decided to disable OpenCL support on the Mac. I tried to get it working, but the problem appears to be deep inside the driver. I may revisit this in the future.