PBR Create from texture files Crash


I wanted to play around with the new PBR capabilities of the WIP, but Rhino consistently crashes when I try to create a new PBR Material with the Create from texture files... Option. I send the crash report the first two times, so you can also find it in your system.

This seems to be related to either the File-size or the amount of files i give, see:

When I use all files, Rhino crashes 100%, when I use a random differing subset (without the largest .exr file) Rhino crashes on some combination of files, while others succeed. This is of course not desirable as I’m losing information when I can’t import all files.

I could upload the texture files in question if given a link, but I don’t know who is working on the PBR Implementation, is it @scottd?

Hi @lando.schumpich,

You can zip the files and upload it to e.g. Google Drive and email me the link using david.eranen@mcneel.com


Thanks for the files @lando.schumpich, I was able to reproduce the issue and created this YouTrack item: https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-57669?project=RH.


Thanks @DavidEranen, I’ll be working some more with PBR Materials this week and look out for more bugs :slight_smile:

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