Paywall on button-click possible?

Hi SD,

Currently I have some models IFramed on a designerplan. My business IS the designs that can be downloaded from there. I.e. they are not a representation of something material that I sell. Therefore, for our business it is vital to be able to let users go through a paywall, before getting the files.

I am wondering if it would be possible at all with SD to let users go through a (any) paywall upon clicking the ‘download’ button? Also, which payment-plan would allow for this?

As I am very new to both front and backend, I thought I’d just ask.

Thanks for any help in advance.

Best, Thomas

Hi Thomas,

sure thing, this can be achieved by using our API (part of our Designer Plus or Business plans) and by coding your own system that adds a paywall. Many of our clients already do this, with the caveat that you do need to know a bit of web development.

Alternatively, you could also use Shopify or WooCommerce for this, which simplifies things a lot. For example, this client below does exactly this by using our Shopify Plugin as well (sold separately):

You’ll notice that the configurator above allows users to select between “design only” or “design + production” (two different prices). Then Shopify handles the rest. More information on our Shopify Plugin here:

My recommendation would be to go for something similar to the above, as this would require minimum to no web development knowledge. I’m happy to discuss this over a quick video call. Just send me an email to


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