Pavilion Structure - Video Tutorial

Thank you for creating and sharing tutorials.

I assumed you might have wanted some feedback…
Don’t get me wrong, I still think it’s great to take time to create and teach others !

I’ll only speak of the workflow you’re using in terms of scalability for your model.
You are basically using single items for most components, which requires you to duplicate the components (and groups of components) to be able to work with your 3 arcs.
But what if, after all this, you need 4 arcs? :slight_smile:

One way you could tackle the problem is by using datatrees.

I didn’t go through all the video, I think you can get the idea and how to continue from it.
The fact that it uses less components isn’t particularly interesting, but the fact it only uses each step once is great for maintaining your code or making updates down the line. (for example, you need 3 lofts, 3 arcs, 3 moves, …, where you’d need only 1 with a method like this)

More over, if you need 4 arcs, simply add a slider (with a different value) in the red group.
You don’t need to duplicate all your steps like you would have needed in your version.

I hope you’ll this useful and make more scalable models in you next videos !
Keep it up ! :slight_smile:


ps: some cable management would be great too, nobody teaches enough on that topic :smiley: (17.1 KB)


Thanks for the feedback! always appreciated!