Pavers with repeating gradient bands in long direction

Hello all, I’ve returned for more paver action. I would like to create another paver patterns but I am having trouble setting the script. Attached is the script I’ve set up for this round.

sc-create custom paver (34.8 KB)

What I would like to do is the following: I would like to have a repeating bands of darks fading out to whites in set intervals. I drew in the diagram what I think the variables are. I would just determine “x” the distance between the bands, and then dark/gray/white would divide into domains A,B,C. And using a random component there would be some feathering between the domains.

In my head it makes sense to draw a line that’s the L length, and then [Divide Length] to set the “x” interval, and then draw horizontal attractor curves that’s the W at that interval. But it doesn’t seem like GH likes multiple attractor curves.

What’s the best way to do this? I also think I’m stuck on a one-trick-pony. I’ve learned something new every time I posted on the forum so I very much appreciate your time!


Hello again, I’ve researched and found the Pull component. Using the pull component works better than putting in multiple attractor curves in Closest Curves. I tinkered a little bit and gotten closer to where I want to go. Two new troubleshooting questions:

  1. One of the points along the line seems to be going a different direction. Edit to add: The points were generated all the same (divide length) and then I’ve just [Move]d the horizontal curve to those end points, so I’m not sure why one is going the other direction!

  2. Even when the point/curve is facing the right direction, having the randomize distance at 0 doesn’t show all three colors. When I do randomize the distance they come out. (EDIT: changing the domain sizes(?) resolved this question)



I’m definitely closer to where I’m heading but would appreciate a second look. Thanks!

sc-create custom paver (30.6 KB)

A link to that memorable thread:

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I found a workaround! I’m not sure why the “point facing the wrong direction” is happening when the points were generated the same way (divide length). But instead of moving the base curve to those new points, I drew a curve going the same direction using Vector 2pt, and all of them face the same way! Hooray!

Here is the final script. I have some fun features and the script is annotated, so hopefully it helps other students/entry level designers generate pavers! Wooo

sc-create custom paver (33.8 KB)

@Joseph_Oster Yes, that thread :wink: