Pattern using Vb

I am Trying to create (8.2 KB)
cross section Using polyline and trying to pattern it, Later I want to extrude it, this all using VB Component,
I am facing problem with the array, How to define loop and array could anyone Please help me?
I have uploaded my code in the Topic,


Anyone could you help me with how to set up array for above topic or could you direct me to the one?


I no more program in VB but the logic will be to do that
Make a List of Extrusion
For i=1 to noX
For j=1 to noY
vect= (iDispX, jDispY, 0)
ExtrusionNew = previous extrusion
ExtrusionNew .Translate(vect)
Add to the list of the extrusion the ExtrusionNew
end for
end for