Pattern sequence

I need to know how to solve the pattern sequence that selects the sections useful to generate the loft I show in the example
I hope I was clear in the request
Guys come to the rescue

Thanks in advance

Pattern_Sequence.3dm (154.7 KB) (33.5 KB)


I should sort out the sections generated by the series command in the manner indicated in the example files … how can I solve what for me has become a puzzle?

The series command must continue to add without breaking the definition

I hope I was clear in the request
Sorry for my terrible English


you can help me understand how to solve, I have the impression that what I’m looking for is an unreasonable solution.

As all your “ribbons” are all the same, why not making a guiding curve arraying it in Z, using them to make a a loft and then arry this loft … (8.4 KB)

I can not follow this method, however interesting, because the section curves generate closed lofts … this was just an example to understand how to select the useful curves among the branches
What I have managed to process is too cumbersome, because I have to manually select between the branches the various curves…

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I often manage and select a large number of section curves similar to the simplified example that I enclose in the file of Rhino, I wonder if it would be possible to select them through grasshopper, I can not find a solution to the case, some ideas of how do?

Select_Curves.3dm (591.3 KB)

Hi… all
I would like the lists to be turned off as the number of series numbers varies, rather than manually enable or disable them as in the video.
Can you correct something?

Thanks (43.1 KB)

Can’t look at your file atm, but looking at your video just hurts. Can‘t you just order your curves when creating them? Why you need to do it after?

You’re right actually hurts … but it works, you say that there is no logic in the process?
I trust in your generosity to show me with an example what you mean.


Looks like you just need a series of sine curves… (11.3 KB)


Hi Kim,
you can not correct this, I would like as I explained before the lists were deactivated as the number of the series varies, is it possible to do this by following this logic or do we need to rethink everything?
At the beginning the problem was the selection of the correct sections to run the loft, then found the solution, I am forced to manually activate or deactivate the lists to make it work, even if I want to exceed the number from the series in my case limited to 12 I do by adding additional lists.
I hope I was understandable, and I thank you for the valuable suggestions posted on the forum.