Pattern Recognition of Building Foot Prints


I was wondering if it was possible to build a grasshopper or python script that would fill in a specified region with an array of closed polyline forms - the shape of these forms would be based off of a selection of other closed polylines that are outside of the specified region.

To make it clearer of what i want to do;


The image above shows the building foot prints of a region of Grenoble, France - and with in the red boundary I would like it to be filled with more building foot prints that shaped by a pattern detected within the building foot prints outside of the red boundary.

I understand that the question is vague and the answer will not be very simple - but i guess my acctual question is does anybody have any experience in trying to do this and know what i could look into and where, and does anybody have any thought on what pattern i should be searching for within the urban plan.

This is very speculative so i would be interested in anythoughts you have.


Have you had a look at SYNTACTIC or Finch3D.

It could help you in France the cadastre could be downloaded by town. Here Biscarrosse
The parcelles contain parcelles (red) where building are (green). Parcelles don’t have roads …

Screen shot of a software I develop

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Finch3d is not yet launched for public.