Pattern on tower

This is a redo using Relative Item (RelItem). It doesn’t look structurally sound to me, is this really what you want? (35.0 KB)

By the way, the spirals are interpolated curves (in version ‘a’ above) but could easily be polylines instead to match the faceted green and black triangular panels. See version ‘b’ below: (33.3 KB)

Creating duplicate threads is counter-productive:

Yeah, you’re right. It’s not really part of the structure more like mullions.
That’s exactly what I was looking for though.

Thank you so so much! Been trying for days to make it counter- clockwise.
And sorry for creating another thread. You’re right, it’s counter-productive. Lesson learned :slight_smile:

Horizontal ring beams (blue group) fix the structural issue but the panels aren’t happy unless you skip the Cull. That causes a kink in the horizontal connections which weakens them.

tower_2020Dec23c (29.5 KB)

Sure thing. Thanks! That sounds very exciting. I’m totally in for this sort of simulations.

Even though it’s an obelisk like tower, it does look interesting.

Oh yeah, I get what you mean. Thanks a lot!!

I see a couple of issues with this model.

  • There is no parametric connection between the spiral “pipes” and the number of floors? You can match them up by choosing a SDivide ‘U’ value that is a multiple of the ‘number of floors - 1’. So for 14 floors, 13 or 26 aligns the spiral crossing points with the floors.

  • The reverse spirals (yellow group) appear to be flat on the panels but that’s not the case when you reduce the SDivide ‘V’ value or reduce the rotation increment from 30 to 10 degrees, for example.

Oh I see. I haven’t noticed that. I am going to modify the ‘U’ vale now. Honestly thank you so much! :slight_smile:

No … it’s an exoskeleton twisted tower for structural freaks (and large scale carbon fibre tubes and nodes). You may think that this type of stuff is a thermal bridges disaster (but it’s not).

In the mean time:

  1. AVOID at any cost thinking “ooncepts” without having fully resolved the nuts and bits of how to do it (Final level study in our trade) : in plain English: try first to master the piston (and the valves) and then go for the engine. The so called bottom to top design mentality. Failing to do so … you’ll pay a very heavy price in the near future (your salary, that is).
  2. Towers need regular facade cleaning (Unless you occupy flying dwarfs). This means (case obelisk type of topology) external access aisles - but that’s questionable as well.
  3. Tall towers require (at regular intervals) mechanical (HVAC and the likes) floors. If form follows function … then … blah, blah.
  4. A tower without a helipad is a Ducati that in not red.
  5. Every tower is an amoral thingy since it contributes to a bigger city … until the whole planet is covered by just one Megacity.